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I was shocked but not surprised to see a CNN newscast depicting an American born Muslim cleric describing the U.S. as evil.

Anwar Al-Awlaki called on all Muslims in America to join in a Jihad against the very country they call home. I have Muslim friends and have never heard a word of hate against Americans, after all, Muslims or not, they are Americans but in the back of my mind I knew there had to be some rotten apples and Anwar Al-Awlaki, who by the way lived in this country for twenty-one years, proved to be the one bad fruit.

Anwar fled to Southern Yemen announcing Jihad against the U.S. as "binding" on all Muslims. This young cleric seems intelligent and it amazes me how he's able to choose a bunch of thugs as saviors of all Muslims.

I wonder what he thinks of 9/11/2001, and all the suicide bombings of innocents. I admit the U.S. could have handled the Middle East confrontations differently but terrorism is not the answer.

Does Anwar feel nothing for the innocent men, women and children butchered on a daily basis by terrorists? I'm tempted to believe Anwar was forced to make this announcement, and hope our government investigates the possibility.

My research shows there are millions of Muslims living among us in the United States and it concerns me if only a small percentage believe Anwar's words. I also studied and discussed with friends the beliefs of the Muslim faith and nowhere did I find violence as part of the Koran.

A Helium article by Faisal Ameer Baig serves to highlight my belief Muslims are a peaceful people. I salute Mr. Faisal for his courage to write something most Muslims fear to say. This brings up another point.

Muslims need to unite against terrorism, easier said than done, but necessary if we are to avoid a backlash from some of our more hard-headed citizens. Make no mistake, Anwar's speech will create a ripple effect among Americans and sad to say a probable Tsunami of hate.

Historically, Americans tend to react with knee-jerk reaction to any threat be it real or imaginary, so something has to happen to soften the blow of pending revolution. Muslims will have to become involved before suffering the same fate as the Japanese during WW-2.

If anything, discrimination will kick in big time and believe me I can relate to that, I came to this country in 1946 and quickly felt the ire of the public. I learned quickly other ethnic groups suffered the same initiation ritual before acceptance, it was part of the American way of life.

Terrorists have taken ignorance to another level and use it to convert peaceful Muslims into Mujahadeens or holy warriors, a fancy title for murderers. They concentrate their efforts on the poor uneducated population but, as we have witnessed so far, even intelligent Muslims can be duped.

One case in particular is the terrorist actions taken by a uniformed officer in an Army base not too long ago and there have been others which shall not be mentioned. All in all the question remains the same, how can an American born Muslim suddenly turn around and decide he's going to become our enemy?

I would like to see where our government is going with this situation. I suggest education and a strong will not to drop the ball or fall asleep at the wheel, otherwise who knows where fate is taking us. 

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