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Corruption Scandal and Imperialism United States America – No

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"Corruption Scandal and Imperialism United States America - No"
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As an American who lives in Switzerland and Italy much of the year, I can tell you that suggesting "foreigners" see the United States as a corrupt "Consumption Empire" is ludicrous, but not for the reasons you might think. The term "foreigner" is fairly outdated anyway, but since many Americans use it - it will suffice to underscore the truth that what they think depends where the foreigners are from and how financially comfortable they are.

The fact is that most people of means in developed nations like those found in Western Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, and even some places in South and Central America, see themselves as superior to Americans, but do not see Americans as any more corrupt than they are. Truth be known, these countries have signed on - lock, stock and barrel of non-performing assets - with what we now call the "global economy" which is another way of saying "rape the globe" or "every man for himself."

Those that do see the United State as corrupt and imperialistic are normally found in universities around the globe, or in countries where insects are the main diet supplement. In short, one has to be deadly poor, or very well educated and thoughtful to think America is anything but "trying hard" to bring justice and classless society to the universe while killing as few people as possible.

Let's be honest - nations are not corrupt or imperial - people are. Thus if the question is posed whether "foreigners" see Americans as corrupt, the answer would be - "some of them." This month an "alien" might mention Bernard Madoff now serving his 150 year sentence at Club Fed, where he'll probably only last a few years before being paroled for health reasons. More erudite people might mention most bank and brokerage CEOs and even some world-class American athletes, but by far people still want to see the United States as Ron Reagan's "shining city on a hill".

To be even more truthful, nations have nothing at all to do with corruption and imperialism directly. While national leaders and legislators do engage in corrupt and colonizing activity, this is most often done at the behest of one multi-national corporation or another. Borders mean nothing to these executives - not American borders or French borders.

They use politicians and other policymakers as just so many marionettes whose strings they pull with either money or threats.The chairman of any monster-sized company could care less where his company is headquartered as long as the taxes are low or non-existent, and he can be sure the plebes won't have an easy time trying to assassinate him if things get ugly.

In conclusion - nothing much has changed over the past thousand or two years. Money still creates power and rules. People are only markets to be tempted to purchase one iPhone or another and to believe that their country is the best. No one actually believes his or her country is the best - but what can most of us do about it? So we go on and on about how many Olympic medals we won that last time out and how our votes count and how we can "throw the bums out."

It's a wonderful folly - but it's the best we have.

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