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Five Benefits the us Government Offer the 8 Million Unemployed that you don’t

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"Five Benefits the us Government Offer the 8 Million Unemployed that you don't"
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Hidden government Benefits for those of us who are unemployed.

Current statistics show that over 8 million people within the United States are now classified as unemployed, and I am on of them. I earn what money I can from various places by doing freelance tech support as well as freelance writing, so I can support my family as a single mom. Without the free benefits that our government offers, I could not manage put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Food Stamps are a free government benefit for low-income families helps to put food on my table. This allows me to serve something other then rice and ramen noodles to the three generations within my household. The food stamps come on a card like a credit card, so it is not as embarrassing to use as it once was. With the costs of food items rising, in stores around the nation this is a welcome benefit for million of unemployed people.

WIC is a great free benefit from our government that allows low-income families with children under the age of five, and pregnant woman have vouchers, which enable them to get high nutrition items for their families. My infant grandson requires formula now that his mom is back to work part time and WIC provides enough formula for a month and at $12.00 a can, this is a welcome benefit as a can only lasts on average three days. When my daughter was breastfeeding she too was able to get food like tuna, and cheese, but right now WIC provides milk, cereal, peanut butter, and juice for my two grandchildren.

Medicaid is yet another free benefit, which is provided to millions of unemployed Americans, which help to pay the cost of medical bills. Each year medical bills are rising, and with so many people, unemployed in the United Stated many people are going without much needed medical Medicaid will help to pay for prescriptions, medical supplies, doctor's visits, as well as hospital stays. This free government benefit provides dental, metal, specialized care as well as general medical care to millions of unemployed people around the nation and their families as well.

Programs as SPOC, which are run by your local public welfare department, also provide training to unemployed workers. This program will give up to 1,000 dollars for a reliable vehicle, car insurance vouchers for six months, and a clothing allowance to get unemployed people back to work in suitable employment. This program is not for people like my self who already hold a college degree but it will help those people who have a high school diploma or GED.

The department of public welfare has many benefits to help low-income families and they do much more then just Medicaid and food stamps. This government department also provides an education, training, childcare vouchers, clothing vouchers, and so much more for unemployed people who are trying to locate work. This department will give anyone all the necessary tools to help them find the employment that will enable them to support their families.

There are many benefits available beyond your local unemployment office to help anyone who is unemployed. Your local unemployment office is great for finding you a job, but for those of us who require more then a job, the free government benefits mentioned within this article are perfect for anyone who is unemployed.

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