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How Polar Bears are Affected by Global Warming

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"How Polar Bears are Affected by Global Warming"
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Polar bears are known as one of the largest land living creatures. They can weigh as much as 1500 or more pounds. Polar bears need ice and cold to survive they can die at temperatures above 50 degrees. When they get too warm there fur turns green due to algae and it can kill them. During the warmer months they hibernate and they need the colder weather to come out and hunt. When they have to wait longer periods of time for winter they end up starving to death. Also sometimes winters end sooner giving a polar bear less time to eat and gain fat to tide them over until winter comes again

They are really good swimmers and hunt in the cold water for seals, young walruses, shellfish, crabs, and beluga whales. However good a swimmer a polar bear is they do tire just as humans do. Due to global warming the ice they live on is melting away. Because of this they have to swim longer distances between land. Studies have been done and scientists have noticed more and more polar bears drowning because of the longer swims to find food. They are in danger of becoming extinct.

Since they have to swim longer distances to find food they have been known to go through peoples garbage looking for food. They do not know the dangers of some of the things they find in the garbage. They will eat things like plastic, Styrofoam, batteries and motor oil. As we all know these things are highly dangerous to consume and for polar bears it it no different. Many polar bears have been found dead after eating these things.

Many agencies such as the UN Environment program and the World Meteorological Organization have been studying the effects of global warming on animals for a long time. They are completely aware of the dire situation polar bears face. IN 1973 Russia, Canada, United States, Norway and Denmark signed a International Agreement on the conservation of Polar Bears. This bans the hunting of Polar Bears. But now there is this new danger of Global warming which will completely wipe out the whole population of polar bears.

Now Animal Planet has joined the fight to save polar bears. They have teamed up the United nations to speak out on behave of these endangered bears. Animal Planet as everyone knows is always airing animal documentaries to make people aware of what is happening to our wildlife. So everyone needs to do their part to help these endangered animals. They cannot protect themselves and need our help. You can help by donated to different causes. The biggest way a person can help is by considering what you are doing to the environment and change their ways before it is too late.

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