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Prejudice against Immigrants in the us

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First and foremost, I have nothing against legal immigration as long as it is not EN MASSE and WITHIN ASSIMILABLE NUMBERS.

After all, this country is largely built on legal immigration. This country is one of the most diverse societies we have in this modern world, and is a TRULY WONDERFUL PLACE, but one thing I do not tolerate is the illegal alien invasion of this country. I am one who does not lump immigrants with illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are just that; illegal. They cut in front of those who had and have been waiting for sometimes years to obtain legal citizenship and those who have slaved for the American Dream. An immigrant on the other hand is a person who came here in this great country legally and had to wait their turn and get in line. These people came for freedom, not to freeload like ILLEGAL ALIENS DO TODAY! Immigrants,like those who came through Ellis Island were screened for diseases like tuberculosis, polio, and the like, as well as a background check. Illegal aliens do no have that today, and many diseases that we previously had under control, like tuberculosis, are now becoming rampant as they turn our country into the third world.

Those who come here legally and respect my country with an intent to learn our language, culture, and the rules of our society are like a brother or sister to me. It shows a desire on their behalf to dissolve their ties to their old country in order to become one of us. Therefore, I as a God-fearing born again Christian have no prejudice against immigrants regardless of their race, but have utmost contempt for those who break our immigration laws and those who have no intention of becoming a part of our great nation, or who insist that we become them at the expense of our sovereignty, customs, health care, taxpayer money, natural resources, and the like.

As a whole, I really see no prejudice against immigrants here, since we are all a nation of immigrants. I have no sympathy for illegal aliens though. If we cannot invade their countries and put up our flag above theirs, then why should we be allowing foreigners to do us that way? We are one nation called the USA, with one set of rules. If you are an immigrant, fine, but come here legally the way your fellow ancestors did!

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