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Should Government Spend Money on Exploring Outer Space

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"Should Government Spend Money on Exploring Outer Space"
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The outer space has always been full of mysteries, encouraging numerous scientists to engage in the discovery of it. However, in my opinion, it is unreasonable for governments to spend so much money on traveling to some planets far away, the use of it still in question, while on our Earth we still have so much compulsory and imperative unsolved problems to jump into. That is to say, scientists are not to be blamed for their work, but the exploration of outer space should have a limit, for governments should focus on the main things that matter: human life right here, in our planet.

First and foremost, in my opinion governments are wasting a huge sum of money on pointless exploration of the universe. Years ago, when great scientist like Galileo put the first base for astronomy, they strive to provide us the most basic knowledge about the beautiful and amazing space around us, and that is encouraging. However, the time has gone when human still limit their curiosity about the vast universe inside our solar system, or some near area around it; now governments are funding for risky project of complementing more and more trips into the further part of the universe, and when it comes to me I must say they are spending their money unwisely. The only reason for them to do that is to satisfy mankind's curiosity. Trips into the far part of the universe consume immense amount of materials and labor, and do they worth it? The truth is governments are striving for a glimpse of winner in a weary and futile race to name themselves the most developed country, the heroes of the cosmos. Be careful, governments, for what you are looking for! That immense money exhausted may very well in fact bring your economy backwards and hinder your people's prosperity, while you do not recognize!

Secondly but not less remarkably, we should always remember we are having some of the most humane conundrums here on earth, which need governments' hand, and of course money, to solve. Instead of thinking about the exhausting plan that one day we human would leave the earth and reside in a far-off planet, think about how you can protect this planet from more pollution and over exploitation. Instead of looking for aliens somewhere in the vast cosmos, pay more attention to our fellow human beings right here in this small Earth. Food and humane crisis still bring painful sufferings to mankind. One-sixth of the world's population is still working exhaustedly to make end's meet. Dangerous maladies like HIV are still let to cause the death of hundreds of people everyday. More regrettably, a lot of the above agonies that man kind are struggling with stay inside the solvable realm of governments, and are not beyond governments' responsibility. Invest more in education and render smiles and good spirits inside our young. Invest more on treatment method and medicine and save our hapless brothers from torture and death. Human lives are the most specious and meaningful things of the whole, so governments, people trust you and give you power to be responsible for their lives, let's make this world a better place to live before thinking of any far-off cosmos venture!

These above arguments have clearly represented my point: governments should reduce money spend exploring outer space to endow more to human-related issues man kind is facing at the moment. Though basic understanding about the universe is necessary, we have already known enough of it in order to make advantage for our life. Bear this thing in mind, and stop your useless race, governments!

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