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Should People Earning over 1 Million a Year Pay 5 more in Income Taxes to Create Jobs – Yes

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"Should People Earning over 1 Million a Year Pay 5 more in Income Taxes to Create Jobs - Yes"
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Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake!" Her response to the complaints of the poor, was that they should eat "cake" meaning bread. Her callous attitude toward the poor, lead to her death. When the few rich take too much, the poor rise up and demand help.

Today, at over $2 a loaf, even bread is getting too expensive for many American families. What is going to happen to the starving masses? There's a global food shortage driving the price of food through the roof.

History has taught us that the poor will tolerate only so much before they freak out, riot, and start killing rich people. hopefully things have not gotten that bad, but crime is increasing along with the jobless rate.

The rich have a moral responsibility to help those less fortunate. There is a level of gross excess that makes it sin full not to help. ($8000 shoes... really?, People are starving!) The rich need to set aside greed and help. Five percent is pennies on the dollar, pennies that will help Americans in need.

To all the people who made millions on the wall street balloon and left us with nothing: You got too greedy and bled the country dry! You killed the fatted calf and ate the whole thing yourself, the least you could do is throw us some scraps! All the companies and banks got bailed out, but the poor didn't. The poor were told to endure. The poor were told to make do, while the people who made the mess gave themselves bonuses for screwing up.

I applaud those who have already started giving generously from their great wealth, but some people need to be forced into doing the right thing. That is extremely sad, but true.

To help motivate the super rich I present these facts. When poverty increases, crime increases, hence you live in a safer society if you give. As poverty increases, job dissatisfaction increases, hence you will have better employees if you give.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"  ~JFK

If you make over a million dollars a year, because of the opportunities available to you in the United States, then you need to give back. Your country is bleeding, we're in danger from foreign powers because economically we are dead on the water. Help your country become stronger. It's an investment in the future.

GRRRRR.. just do it already!

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