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Should Prostitution be Legalized – No

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"Should Prostitution be Legalized - No"
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Can you imagine thumbing through the yellow pages, browsing in the "P"'s and finding a listing for "Prostitutes"? Or would it read "See Working Girls"? How low do we have to sink when it comes to devaluing the act of sex?

Some would argue legalization would create industry standards and eliminate the seedier side of the industry. This is simply not true. While there would be more 'clean' prostitutes available, there would also be a decreased need for furtiveness amongst the low-rent district professionals. As it is, it is not uncommon to find a prostitute performing some sort of sex act on a customer in a city park, not far from a child's view. Fortunately, the fear of arrest curtails some of that brazenness. Should prostitution become legalized, the need for discretion becomes obsolete, and the type of woman who is damaged enough to peddle her body is not the type of woman who really concerns herself with ensuring children aren't being traumatized by her actions, and those of her customer. And typically, the paying customer is not the type of guy who treats women respectfully.

Furthermore, do we really want to provide easier means to men who may be tempted to cheat on their spouse? Legalizing prostitution sends the message that sex isn't that important if it is just another means for a gal to make some money, so why does fidelity matter when this commodity is so readily available? And do we really want for our sons to first experience sex with a professional - an experience that teaches them that sex is nothing more than a physical act? Shouldn't they have to at least "feel" something for the first woman they make love to? If not, we are asking for further objectification of women.

Look around on your city streets, and you'll find that the prostitutes aren't the sunny and whimsical Julia Roberts characters from "Pretty Woman." No, they are the downtrodden and drug users. They are the broken and the aimless. If keeping prostitution illegal keeps just a portion of women from sinking into a lifetime of despair, it is worth denying some the convenience of legalizing their dirty deeds.

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