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Strange and Funny Laws in the Great Britain Area

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"Strange and Funny Laws in the Great Britain Area"
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Britain, more then perhaps any other country has numerous outdated and unused laws. The process of removing a law from the statute books in Britain is an especially long process because of the tradition and complex processes involved, which include it having to be approved at no less than four separate stages. This is why when a law in Britain falls out of use it generally is still technically law, but just isn't upheld, practiced or adhered to anymore.

A lot of them refer to medieval wars such as the conflicts that England had with Scotland or Wales hundreds of years ago, and are to do with the fact that no foreigner during these times was ever seen in the country, so that if one were to be seen then it might mean they were invading. Here are some of the more bizarre ones that are still technically the law in Britain today.

In York it is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a crossbow upon seeing one, except for on Sundays. However any Scotsman caught drunk or with a weapon can still be shot on a Sunday, except with a bow and arrow.

Similarly in Chester it is legal to shoot a Welsh person with a crossbow, as long as it is within the city walls and is done after midnight. Luckily enough though also in Chester, Welsh people aren't allowed to enter the city grounds before sunrise and from staying after sunset.

In London it has been illegal for a man to hit his wife after 9pm.

Whales washed ashore dead are the legal property of the King and Queen of the country at the time. The head belongs to the king and the tail belongs to the queen. All wild deer, swans and bears are also the property of the royal family.

The eating of Mince pies on Christmas day is illegal. It was once also illegal to celebrate Christmas altogether because it wasn't considered puritan enough even though it was a religious celebration.

The leader of the country is entitled to a pig given to him by the royal family on the first day of every month.

It is also illegal to impersonate old age pensioners in the London area of Chelsea.

Hackney Carriages (the London Taxi association) must carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats at all times by law. They are also prohibited to carry rabid dogs or dead bodies by law.

It is also now illegal for a taxi driver to stop in certain parts of London for a fare to go to a cash machine (ATM).

However it is also illegal to fall asleep on a Bus in London at any time.

It is illegal to pick up unattended or abandoned baggage.

It is an executable offense to allow your pet to mate with a pet of the royal house without permission.

It is illegal to stand within one hundred yards of a ruling monarch without socks on.

Defacing or destroying anything bearing a likeness of the monarch is illegal. This includes burning paper money or tearing a stamp apart.

MPs (elected officials similar to councilors or senators) aren't allowed to wear armor in Parliament since 1313 to prevent fighting and dueling within the walls.

It is illegal to leave your car keys in an unoccupied vehicle.

It is illegal to die within the houses of parliament.

By law headlights on cars must be on at all times when the vehicle is in motion, even in broad daylight so as to distinguish it from parked cars.

By law it is legal for a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she wishes.

Suicide is a capital crime.

It is law that you need to have a license for a t.v set.

A license is also required to keep or house a lunatic.

It is illegal to either shave, work or to mow your lawn on a Sunday.

Tarot card readings and fortune telling are illegal as these are classed as forms of witchcraft.

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