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Two Winners after Record Breaking Powerball Jackpot is Drawn

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"Two Winners after Record Breaking Powerball Jackpot is Drawn"
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There were two winners in a record-breaking lottery drawing this week in the US. The Powerball jackpot had reached a whopping $425 million with no winners in two months, or 16 drawings.

However, as is often customary when a lottery jackpot reaches grand levels, many headed to stores to buy their Powerball ticket; the higher the sales, the larger the jackpot becomes. As the purchasing frenzy went on, several media outlets reported that approximately 130,000 Powerball tickets were being sold per minute.

When all was said and done, lottery officials said the Powerball jackpot reached $579.90 million, with a cash value of $378.80 before taxes. One of the winning tickets was sold in Arizona, the other in Missouri. At first it was not clear who won, or if the winning tickets were held by an individual or a group. Two days after the drawing, more information is surfacing.

One of the winners, a couple from Dearborn, Missouri, were shocked after learning they won part of the biggest Powerball jackpot in history.

Cindy and Mark Hill are the holders of one of the two jackpot tickets.

"I called my husband and told him, 'I think I am having a heart attack,'" Cindy, 51, told lottery officials. "I think we just won the Lottery!"

It is not yet clear who the second winner is. While it has been confirmed that the other winning ticket was sold in Arizona, no one has officially claimed the prize yet. On November 30, several media reports emerged that rumored a Maryland man was the second winner.

According to NBC, a "mystery man" appeared in an Upper Marlboro, Maryland, gas station and claimed to be the other jackpot winner. According to a surveillance video, a man approached the gas station's counter and showed the ticket to the clerk. He then "repeatedly pumped his arms in excitement after reportedly seeing the numbers match."

The store clerk, Kamran Afgan, said the man gave him the ticket to examine, but quickly took it back, so the clerk did not get a chance to scan the ticket to see if it was a winner. He allegedly showed other customers in the store who confirmed the winning numbers. Reportedly, the man said he is a member of the military and it is not clear where his duty station is located. Since no individual has come forward in Arizona, it is believed that the Maryland man may actually be the winner since he has to redeem his ticket in the state of purchase.

In addition to the jackpot winners, there were many other new millionaires made on November 28.

The winning numbers in the November 28, 2012, drawing were 05 - 16 - 22 - 23 - 29 and Powerball 06.

The Powerball lottery game is played in 42 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. Lottery officials said now that winning tickets have been sold, the jackpot resets back to $40 million.


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