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The definition of Communism, in one word, is failure. No communist society has, or will, reign supreme in the world due to the simple fact that the Communist system values, and forces mediocrity. The total absolving of God in society also makes Communism a failed theory. Whether you are religious or not, the merits of spirituality, and its importance in a well functioning society are absolute. The belief in a higher being, other than the State, creates an environment of restraint and order. Without this aspect of society, chaos ensues. However, it still seems that the reason for the failure of Communist societies lies in Communism's goal of mediocrity. In every society, there are over achievers. There are those that strive for more, and are never satisfied with the status quo. This leaves no room for a social order based on communal ownership of property, and rigid ceilings that do not allow over achievers to prosper. For this reason, in time, every truly Communistic system will either collapse, or evolve into a version of the free market system. Looking from another perspective, one of spirituality, you can compare the competing systems of Capitalism and Communism to the alternate governments of Good and Evil. Even if you do not believe in biblical truths, you can appreciate the simple similarities between the principals of God's kingdom as compared to Capitalism, and the principals of the dark kingdom as compared to Communist rule. In Capitalism, and the Kingdom, all charity and income redistribution is done by choice, and with joy. The churches of Acts had no needy among them because they gave with joy, and of their own desire to give. In a system of Communism, and in the government of Evil, resources are taken forcibly, and spread out by the government itself. This system creates a lack of growth in the resources, and the system becomes stagnant. Another Biblical example of this theory is found in the story of Cain and Able. Able gave his best out of desire, and Cain gave his portion out of obligation. God was pleased with Able's sacrifice, but did not bless Cain's. As a result, Cain slew Able. In todays world, the United States gives more freely than any other society in an attempt to help those less fortunate. As a result, this country has been abundantly blessed with economic growth. However, the United States is also hated deeply by countries opposed to the free market system. Also, as the United States has become less and less of a free market system, the overall growth and prosperity of the economy has waned. Therefore, as stated in the opening, Communism can be defined with one word, failure.

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