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"We the people..." two plurals, one sentence. We, meaning all of us with a like mindedness. We, meaning having one focus, other then on ourselves. We, being the ideal that all shall have the right to pursue happiness. "the people", meaning the physical embodiment of the like mindedness, the one focus, and ideal. the people, not meaning a particular political party. the people, not meaning an overextending government. the people, not meaning corporations. the people, not meaning the powerful. the people, meaning just that, the people.

Life is hard. I have yet to have found the place where it is written that life was meant to be anything but hard. No matter the burden put on you by your religion, our purpose in life is to serve others. We are communal. We are dependant on each other and the fullness of our lives comes from bettering those around us. But not by making things easy or by preventing someone from being or getting hurt. We do not have the power to do such things. We shouldn't have the power to do such things. Our responsibility is to love. To support, encourage, assist, with all our love.

Free men. A free Nation of free men. That is what we must return to. No more excuses for being strong. No more holding back from doing what is right. Boldness, strength, courage, fortitude, and the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the betterment of others. We need to be leaders, not search for them. We need to do rather then wait for it to be done. Don't give me a fish, teach me to fish and I can in turn teach someone else. Listen to the wise. Think on the knowledge and then act with purpose toward an admiral goal.

It only took a populous rating of a low 13% satisfaction of the government at the time of the first American Revolution to begin that one, today our governments rating is at its lowest at 9%. The time for an American Revolution is now. Not with guns and violence, nor with words and speeches but with individual action repeated by We, the people. The time has come for us to remember who we are, what we are. The time is ripe for change. Change brought on by free men, living in a free Nation. Pointing a finger aims three straight back at you. Search your soul and see if you are part of the problem and if found to be so, change. We the people, have the power to change. It will take all of us in a single mindedness, with a strong focus towards one ideal to ignite, inflame and spread the waves of a much needed American Revolution II.

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